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Life is too short to think too much, you never know what happens tomorrow when all of us are scared about today. Who knew, what would happen to a family of 3, which was filled with extreme joy when they welcomed 4th member a girl whom they named Vaishnavi, 3 months old Vaishnavi resident of Jhansi, where father Mr. Vikas Verma is an Electronic IP Office employee who earns Rs 6000/- per month, and mother Mrs. Rani a housewife and they have a son too.

Kids are too prone to diseases when they are small that parents need to be extra careful, soon after her birth, Vaishnavi fell ill with fever, cough and cold, to which she was taken to Ramraja Hospital Jhansi, where doctors gave normal medicine for fever, after completing the dose for few days, there was no improvement in her health, so parents took her to Gwalior where her treatment was going under Dr.Puneet, he conducted all the tests and examined her well, to which it came out that Vaishnavi was having hole in her heart and there was no treatment for this disease in that hospital. Dr.Puneet recommended her family either to get her checked in any private hospital or go directly to AIIMS Delhi. Private would cost them a hefty amount which they couldn’t afford, so they preferred AIIMS Delhi, where Dr.Sourabh Kumar is looking after her.

Vaishnavi’s treatment is going under AIIMS from 19th November 2018 and expenses needed is 57000/-, which is a lot for her family.

We as an organisation want our donors to help and save Vaishnavi. Contribution of 57,000 can save a child. And it won’t be possible without our help. Let’s bring some hope again. Let’s do our best to save her.

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