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Life would not be much easy for Mohan and Rangila, having 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy, Sushma 13 year old being smallest of all, currently in 7th standard was diagnosed with hole in heart when she was only 3 year old, condition became so worst that she was not able to walk. Her treatment was going from Din Dayal Hospital, where doctor told them that it is to be operated.

Father a painter by occupation merely earns an income of Rs 400/- per day, and mother housewife. At the initial stage of treatment 2009 when Sushma’s father was in service, at that time he was having facility of ESI (employee’s State Insurance), showing her daughter via ESI with free of cost made a step easy for them as they referred Sushma to AIIMS.

2010 her first surgery was done, to which doctors said that one more surgery needs to be done, because the hole area was very large nearly around 12-15mm as she was too small to get operated instantly second time, she used to come hospital in between on regular intervals for her treatment, conditions weren’t too good as she was puking blood.

2019 condition becoming worse and now she is 13 year old, doctors recommended to do surgery as soon as possible, to which expenses of Rs 85000/- and 6000 separately for Angiography they need.

Date would be given once all the expenses are submitted and as bed gets vacant she will be admitted immediately.


Dr. Sachin Talwar and Dr. Milind and Dr. Ramakrishnan are taking care of her.


We as NGO request our donors to help Sushma and help us bringing that happiness back in to her life. Your every small contribution can make a big change into her life. Let’s do our best to save her and bring back all the joy and fun what a child of her age would desire for.



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