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Himanshoo: A Constant Fight




Fighting through difficult times is something people are accustomed to, however, in our fight there are obstacles that may be too great to be overcome and we need the support of the rest of the world to overcome these obstacles. That was the situation with Himanshoo.


Himanshoo is an 11-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a hole in the heart. In the beginning he had a problem with feeding and struggled from when he was 3-4 months. A test confirmed the suspicions that he had a hole in his heart. His father is a farmer and has a monthly income of 4 thousand rupees, which barely covers the basic cost of amenities and supporting Himanshoo and his three brothers. The cost of the operation is 57,000 + 10,000 rupees and this is where we as an NGO come into play.


At Look For Child Foundation, it is our duty to work for patients like Himanshoo and in our quest of saving this young boy. We require your assistance in generating funds for his operation. As citizens of India, it is our duty to help others, especially children who will mold the future. Hence, we request and hope that you all will donate to the cause and help us save this young boy’s life.



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Medical Documents of Himanshoo


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