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Current Case – Moosa Ali

Himanshoo: A Constant Fight


Mossa Ali


“Chirpy mornings in my humble abode,

The scenic beauty that I want to see more.

It’s easy to romp in woods and hide,

Wish I had escaped from this cancer likewise.”


It is the desire of every kid to study, play and enjoy as much as they can. But not everyone is fortunate enough to live as they aspire. A 6 years old boy, Musa Ali, son of Amjad Ali is going through his stroke of bad luck in life. He is diagnosed with blood cancer. Musa Ali has 2 siblings and they all live with their parents in a village near Rampur, Uttarakhand. His father is an English teacher who goes from house to house to teach students. His mother is a housewife. Musa Ali is being treated at AIIMS, Delhi by Doctor Sameer Bakshi. So far, 8 chemotherapies have been done and there are still more entailed. What is difficult for Musa and his family is to arrange the large amount of money required for his treatment. AIIMS has given an estimate of 2,50,000 rupees for


his treatment. His father, being the sole earner in the family earns just enough, to only fulfil their basic needs and it is very difficult for them to pay for his treatment. Due to the financial hardships going on in their family, they need everyone out there to help them collect money for his treatment. It is a request from Musa Ali and his family to make donations so that they can afford all the expensive medicines required for his treatment. Even a small donation from your side will make a big difference in their life. Your help will bring much needed happiness and comfort for their family. Please make your valuable contributions and save Musa Ali from his plight.




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