Is there any advantage to donating online?
Yes. When you donate online, you help us twice over, as it is the most cost-efficient channel of collecting funds for Look For Child Foundation.

Is it very complicated to donate online? Not at all.
It's simple and safe method. Here's what you have to do to make a donation online the Look For Child site:
1 Decide the amount that you wish to donate towards any one of the causes or towards Look For Child's work in general
2 Enter your name, contact and other details. Please double check before proceeding for payment
3 Specify your mode of payment
4 Fill in your credit/debit card details.

You will get an immediate confirmation of your donation through an email with a donation number and instant receipt for your donation.

Which cards can I use to donate online?
You can contribute by using your credit/ debit card online. Both Mastercard and Visa are accepted. However, we do not accept American Express credit cards on the Look For Child site.

Is it safe to give my credit/debit card details online?
Absolutely. We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit/debit card details, are protected. These measures include the following: All your personal information is  Look For Childp before it is transmitted over the Internet.

How safe is my personal information with Look For Child on the site?
We are committed to protecting your personal information with us. For more details, please do read our Privacy Policy. What if my address or phone number changes? You have complete control over your personal information on the Look For Child site. You can change all your personal data - name, address, phone numbers, email id by simply calling or writing to us.

Are there any tax benefits for donating to Look4Child?
All donations to Look4Child are 50% exempt from tax under section 80G.

What is your account details to transfer funds??????

Beneficiary Name : Look For Child Foundation
A/c No. : 915010007342385
Branch : Azadpur, Delhi
Bank Name : Axis Bank
IFS Code : UTIB0000895

Will you send me tax exemption certificate?
Certainly.  The tax exemption certificate will reach you within 20 working days.

How do I contact you regarding my donation in India?
For more assistance or information on donating to Look For ChildFoundation in India, please do write to us at

Leaving a Legacy FAQs I'd like to make a gift to Look For Child Foundation in my will. What information do I need to include?
The main thing is to include our full name, registered address and charity registration number as below: Look For Child Foundation . Registration Number: S/West/2011/8900313 I've left a gift to you in my will but the name is mentioned as Look For Child Foundation.

Do I have to change my will?
No -it is not necessary to change your will. Look  For Child Foundation' is still valid and your gift will be honoured by us.

What are the tax implications of giving a legacy gift to Look For Child?
Look For Child will not be liable to pay any taxes on your bequest. I have been appointed as an executor of will and there is a bequest to Look For Child.

How do I send you the money?
Please send a cheque payable to Look For Child Foundation.  Look For Child Foundation Address Please also include details of the donor for our reference.

I would like to ensure that my legacy is used for a specific programme. Is it possible?
Unfortunately, that is a request we cannot honour since it is difficult to determine the length and duration of specific programmes. Due to this uncertainty, we cannot guarantee that the programme you wish to select, will continue to remain operational at the time of the will's realization. For this reason, we humbly request that for gifts of any kind are made to the common pool of Look4Child's resources, without an ask for specific programmes. We assure you that your gift will be put to its best use, depending on the need of programmes at that point of time.

What should I do if my address or phone number changes?
You can either drop us an email at with the new details or call us on +91-9899818585 We'll update our systems as soon as we can.

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