Become a fund raiser for Look4child

  • As an individual
  1. Help Look4child to become the preferred charity in your work place so your colleagues can donate.
  2. Gift  Look4child  on behalf of friends, family, loved ones on special occasions.
  3. On special occasions like birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, request guests to donate to Look4child
  • As a corporate
  1. Start a payroll giving programme with your employees
  2. Do a matching gift. Donate a matching amount to the one raised by the employees.
  3. Donate a part amount from the sales of your products and services.
  4. Sponsor an event and donate part of the tickets sales proceeds.
  5. Sponsor or donate stationery, software, hardware for our offices.

Connect with us on supporting projects in specific areas based on need-specific priorities.


 Spread the word

  • As an individual
  1. Do an awareness campaign on issues about child education  and look4child   in your work place, housing society, community gathering, gyms, clubs, friends circles, colleges, schools.
  2. Write, discuss, debate on issues about  child education and look4child
  3. Put up our URL   and e-badge as your status for one day every month.
  • As a corporate
  1. Build awareness on issues about  child education and look4child
  2. Doing an awareness campaign in your offices.
  3. Putting up the look4child e-badge on your website.
  4. Sponsoring ad space.

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